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Getting Real About Calmness: Debunking Common Myths
1 August 2023 0 Comments Thaddeus Hawthorne

First Stop: Understanding What Calmness Isn't

Let's kick off a journey of debunking. As your guide, and also your pal Thaddeus, I’ll debunk these myths as clear as Brisbane's sky on a perfect summer day. Heck, we might even learn something while we sip our metaphorical mugs of wisdom tea. Grab your mental mug as we talk about calmness, or to be specific, what calmness isn't.

Calmness, contrary to popular belief, isn't the absence of problems. It's not a magical land where my golden retriever Max doesn't chew up my favorite slippers, or my parrot Kiwi doesn't squawk a symphony at 5 AM. It's not an escape from reality. Life, by design, is a complex potluck of experiences. Problems, challenges, they're simply a part of our day-to-day. Calmness isn’t avoiding these experiences, it's dealing with them in a composed and rational manner.

Setting that straight, it's also essential to note that calmness isn't a synonym for indifference. Too often, I see people mistake a calm demeanor for a lack of care or emotion. People, we're not robots programmed to live in a constant state of apathy. Just because you're calm, doesn't mean you don't feel or care. In fact, a balanced response often signifies a deeper understanding and appreciation of situations.

Second, Delightful Detour: Debunking The Myths

Now that we're clear on what calmness isn't, let's dive into the common myths. The myths we sometimes believe to be just as real as my son Oliver's love for strawberry ice cream, or Amelia's fascination with space-themed bedtime stories.

One common myth is that calmness means you're always happy. But folks, that's as true as the myth that a kangaroo is just a T-Rex that has been through a weight loss program. Emotional states fluctuate. Even the calmest individuals feel sadness, anger, frustration. These emotions don't negate calmness. If anything, recognizing and accepting these emotions can lead to a better sense of emotional calm.

Moving on, there's a myth that calmness is an inborn trait. That's like saying my ability to cook an edible meal came naturally (trust me, it didn't). Like I always tell my kids, patience and hard work are the magic ingredients in the recipe for success. Calmness isn't something you're born with, it's a skill that can, and should, be developed.

Touchdown Three: Realizing The Reality Of Calmness

After debunking the myths, what's left? It's the reality of calmness, which is as refreshing as a leap into the Moreton Bay on a scorching day!

Firstly, calmness is a continuous journey, not a one-time achievement. It's like my continuous battle to convince Kiwi that my curtain is not a nemesis threatening our existence. It's not about achieving a state of ultimate calm and living happily ever after. It's about finding peace even amidst the chaos, and turning to our inner resilience when adversity strikes.

Moreover, calmness doesn't require you to be a recluse or in constant solitude. Far from it! It is about finding tranquility within yourself even amidst a bustling crowd. It's like being the eye of the storm: stable, composed, and oblivious to the whirlwind around.

Fourth Chapter: Exploring The Facets Of Calmness

Just like our beloved Brisbane River, calmness too, meanders through different aspects of our life. It isn't one-dimensional or stagnant. It's about keeping your cool when Max brings in the garden mud, maintaining your poise when Kiwi mistakes your earlobes for a snack, or staying composed in the face of a looming deadline.

It's about understanding the difference between reacting and responding. It's taking a pause before responding, not being carried away by the wave of emotions but instead swimming with it. Calmness isn't about subduing your emotions, but mastering them.

Fifth Port: Calmness And Its Benefits

Calmness isn't just a lofty ideal. It's a tool that can benefit our daily lives and is as real as the southern cross in the night sky.

Ever realized that on days when you're calm, you think clearer and make better decisions? That's not coincidence, folks. Calmness induces better mental clarity, focus, and decision-making capabilities. It's also a strong combatant against stress. Like a snuggly quilt on a chilly night, calmness wraps us in a cocoon of endurance, resilience, and inner strength.

Last Stop: Embracing Calmness

It's time we embrace calmness. Like a faithful compass, it keeps us balanced and guides us through the turbulent seas of life. It's as essential to our well-being as breath to life, and stars to our night sky.

Begin by understanding that calmness is not a race. It's OK to go slow. It's OK to stumble. Acceptance is key. Embrace your own pace and cherish your journey of becoming calmer. And remember, it’s not about being in complete control, but about welcoming life’s turbulence with a peaceful mind. So let's lean into calmness, folks, with all its quirks and benefits. One step at a time, one breath at a time.

Thaddeus Hawthorne

Thaddeus Hawthorne

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