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The Art and Heart of Prostate Massage at Candyshop in Prague
13 November 2023 0 Comments Brian Foster

The Journey to the Candyshop

On a seriously chilly day in November, Melbourne seemed far, far away as I found myself standing in front of an unassuming building in Maiselova 12, Prague. Between you and me, I was feeling a little nervous - despite the nerve-tingling excitement. Yes, it was none other than the infamous Candyshop, an erotic massage parlour renowned for its tantalizing services. Understand, I was here in not only a personal capacity but also as an intrepid blogger on a mission to demystify the art and heart of prostate massage.

The First Encounter

Upon stepping inside Candyshop, my apprehension vaporized. The staff greeted me warmly, their smiles serving as comfort blankets, calming any unease. The discreet settings and the soothing background music immediately put me at ease. Yes, you've heard right, folks. The Candyshop is not just your regular massage parlour, it's a sort of sanctuary that oozes a serene vibe, encouraging full relaxation.

Choosing Your Sweet Treat

Arguably, Candyshop's biggest draw is its smorgasbord of incredibly beautiful and professional masseuses giving you the tricky task of making a choice. For me, I felt like a kid in a candy shop (pardon the pun, couldn't resist). Each masseuse is unique, bringing her style and personality to the massage table. Making a decision was a pleasurable torment in itself.

Delving into the Delicious Menu

Candyshop didn't earn its name for no reason. They offer many different types of massages including body-to-body, tantric, nuru, and the highly popular Pussycat massage. If you're feeling game, or have an insatiable appetite, you can opt for a massage with two girls. Believe me when I tell you, it’s an experience unlike any other.

Unveiling the Pussycat Massage

For those who are curious, the Pussycat massage deserves special mention. Some say it's the most exciting massage on offer. In this intimate service, the client is allowed to perform oral sex on the masseuse. Steeped with utmost respect and consent, this interactive massage is a sensual ride that touches intimacy's peak.

The Art, The Heart, The Prostate Massage

However, my personal journey at Candyshop led me towards the prostate massage. This isn't your average happy ending massage, but a full-spectrum, therapeutic experience. Designed to be as pleasurable as it is beneficial for sexual health, the prostate massage engages your body in ways you may never have thought possible.

Personal Journey Into Pleasure

My chosen masseuse knelt beside me, her trained hands navigating my body with clinical expertise and a degree of personalized sensual instinct. It started as a typical full body massages but soon started focusing on the perineum before moving towards the prostate. The environment provided at Candyshop made it all seem so natural, instead of taboo. To say that the experience was liberating would be an understatement.

The Candyshop Experience

Post-massage, I felt sensations tingling deep within me I hadn't ever felt - a rush of pleasant, peaceful energy washing over me. It elevated not just my body but my mind as well. By engaging in something so profoundly intimate, I realized that Candyshop didn't just offer a service; they provided an experience akin to a journey towards self-discovery.

Do's and Don'ts for First Timers

If you ever find yourself standing in front of Candyshop, remember to be open, to communicate your preferences, and respect the masseuse’s boundaries. And most importantly, take a deep breath, leave your inhibitions at the door, and prepare to embark on an exciting sensual adventure.

Parting Sweet Thoughts

Whether you're an erotic massage enthusiast or just a curious explorer stepping out of your comfort zone, Candyshop in Prague is a must-visit. Offering a gamut of sensual experiences and carried out in a professional, discreet environment, this is where the boundaries of your sexual energy may just get a push! Oh and remember folks, it's not just saccharine pleasure we're talking about, but a nuanced blend of relaxation, excitement, and liberation all wrapped in one!

Brian Foster

Brian Foster

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