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Gut Health: A New Approach to Mental Well-being
8 August 2023 0 Comments Thaddeus Hawthorne

The Silent Symphony in Our Belly

Ah, gut health. The vast, untold frontier of wellbeing - specifically, mental health. This may strike you as somewhat surprising, but there's an entire bustling metropolis inside us humans, especially within our gut. And it impacts far more than our choice of dinner or the success of our latest diet strategy. This microbial melodrama echoes within the hallowed halls of the brain, affecting how we think and feel. The gut, the so-called friendly organ, has been cast in a new role - the mastermind of mental wellness.

The gut is a domain dominated by trillions of microscopic tenants, so let's not belittle their significance. They are our faithful companions and our wellbeing depends on their harmony. The gut-brain axis, the street smart duo of gut microbes and our brain, forms a far-reaching and intimate relationship. The dialogue they have through this intricate network doesn't only pitch in on matters of digestion but has a profound influence on our mood and mental health. So, let's treat them well, listen to them, and if necessary give them a friendly nudge.

Our Gut: The Second Brain

The gut and the brain share a profound and two-way bond, so gripping that the gut has even earned the moniker of 'the second brain'. Now that's a promotion! A sizeable chunk of this interaction goes through a long nerve called the vagus nerve, which acts as a fibre-optic cable of sorts, transmitting information to and fro. But it's not only about nerve signals. Our gut microbes pitch in some potent chemicals like serotonin, aka 'the happy hormone'.

Just over 90% of our serotonin, a key modulator of mood, sleep, and appetite, resides in our gut. It might give you a much-needed reality check if you thought the brain was the only boss. The gut is quite a tough negotiator itself. Ever noticed butterflies in your stomach when you're anxious or gut-wrenching sensation when things take a stressful turn? It's the gut-brain chatter at work.

Microbe Magic: Probiotics and Mental Health

Now here comes the game-changer. Probiotics. These beneficial bacterial buddies are found in rich supply in certain foods like yoghurt, pickles and my favourite kimchi. Human trials have shown that regular consumption of probiotics can lend a wonderful albeit subtle tilt to our mood, resilience and mental clarity. Feel like your gut flora might need a hand? Don't worry. I'm no stranger to these scenarios.

Once, after indulging in a weeklong feast of cheesy pizzas and burgers (don't judge, we all have bad weeks), I felt pompously out of whack, my gut most of all. Taking a friend's advice, I dived into a probiotic regime for a fortnight. Not only did my gut forgive my culinary debauchery but my mood saw a subtle uplift as well.

Kale over Cookies: A Diet for Mental Wellness

The kind of diet we choose can profoundly affect both the composition of our gut microbes and our mental well-being. Not only does junk food thrash the harmony of gut microbes, but it also makes vagabonds of our mental well-being. The rule of thumb here is to stick to a balanced diet, rich in fibre and colourful diversity, a sure-shot passport to mental bliss.

Everyone knows how much I love my cookies and my nachos with a side of Netflix, but will I sacrifice my mood for it? Probably not. Make cherries your new chips, let kale be the new cookie. Remember, healthy gut, healed mind. Armed with this fresh outlook, I assure you, the taste buds revolt adjusts after a week or two, even if begrudgingly.

You Snooze, You Win: Sleep and his Gut Buddy

A good night's sleep is important, but did you know it's also important for your gut fauna? Yes, disturbance in sleep can trigger an uncalled-for rebellion in the gut microbial quarters, leading to a foul mood. So, ensuring a good snooze can keep the microbial tenants living peaceably in our gut. In turn, peacekeeping gut microbes make sure our daily mood doesn't take an unpleasant hit.

The same works the other way round. A happy gut can contribute significantly towards a good night's sleep. So, it's definitely worth treating our gut to a peaceful slumber. Just a quick heads up, try to avoid late-night snacking, that burrito at midnight ain’t your gut's best friend.

Getting Physical: Gut Health Meets Exercise

The benefits of an active lifestyle are known to all. But did you know exercise can also give our gut microbes a delightful boost? Research suggests that regular modulated physical activity can help foster the growth of beneficial gut microbes, which in turn can reflect positively on our mood and mental wellness. It's a delightful win-win. You not only get to flaunt those biceps but also bask in the sunshine of happy moods, thanks to a pep talk from your gut.

A 'happy jog' around the block, a 'cheerful bike' ride or a 'joyful swim' - I can personally vouch for these 'mood-boosting' activities. Heck, even a vigorous round of house-cleaning can do wonders. You've got no excuse now. Do tip your hat to your gut microbes while you're at it, as they’re applauding from the sidelines.

Gut-feeling Green: Stress-Busting with Green Spaces

Stressing out? Try hugging a tree. It's not as crazy as it sounds. Researchers have found that spending time in green spaces can help bust stress, at the same time offering a little boost to our gut microbes. The friendly microbes residing in the environment in green spaces can add to the diversity of our gut microbiota, better equipping us to handle stress. That's therapy that our wallets thank us for!

Back in the day, when my city-life aggravated stress was on a rampage, I found solace in a leafy park close by. Just a half-hour stroll every evening swept away some part of the worries and replaced it subtly with a tranquil energy. Whose work was that? Our friendly gut microbes, of course! Listen to your 'gut feeling' the next time!

Laughter as a Gut 'exerciser'

Laughter is not just the best medicine it can also serve as a fantastic 'exerciser' for your gut. Scientists have noticed that the sheer act of laughing can stir up the concoction in your gastrointestinal tract, giving your gut microbes a shaken-not-stirred kind of deal and encouraging diversity. A hearty laugh reflects a hearty mood. So why not throw in some chuckles in the favour of gut health?

I would often make time for an evening of laughter therapy with some old friends over a game of charades. Even today, I keep my streaming service loaded with a dose of stand-up comedy, so I can whip out some healthy laughter 'exercise' any time. Thanks to this, my gut and I share a laughing agreement — I keep the laughs coming, and it maintains my mental wellbeing in return.

In a nutshell, the story of gut health as the custodian of mental wellbeing is a vibrant tale yet to be fully unfolded, but the chapters revealed thus far have been nothing short of exciting. Over time, it’s certain that the day will come when the gut will claim its rightful place in the pantheon of mental health. Let's take it to heart and belly. Bon appétit!

Thaddeus Hawthorne

Thaddeus Hawthorne

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