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How to Enhance Your Productivity with Calmness
9 November 2023 0 Comments Landon Kingsley

Embracing Calmness: Unleashing Brilliance>

Underneath the glinting sunshine that christens our continent every day in Brisbane, remains an unspoken truth: the higher the stress, the lower our productivity. This truth is not bound by the beautiful Australian shores; it’s a universal reality. Naomi, my better half, and I have often poured over studies showing that the quieter our minds, the more productive we become. We can harness this tranquility, amplifying it into a productivity-increasing tool. Let's delve into how, in the following sections.

Befriending Tranquility: A New Narrative

Once upon a time, snapping crocodile jaws and aggressive koala grunts were the backdrop to intense deadline sessions at my desk. That cacophony was the perfect metaphor for the chaos in my mind. I was frayed, agitated, always on edge. I believed, as many of us do, that this constant frenzy of activity would skyrocket my productivity. After all, isn't that what we're sold every day? More coffee, more energy drinks, more hustle, more everything. That crazy, relentless bustle, I thought, was the road to productivity heaven. Boy, was I mistaken!

So, let's flip the narrative. After a wake-up call from Naomi, I realized that this frenzy was eating away at my productivity, not enhancing it. The greatest minds in history, from the ancient sages to today's neuroscientists, endorse tranquility as a better catalyst for productivity. When the mind is calm, it's better at focusing, better at decision making, and far more efficient at problem solving. The roaring sea within us needs to be hushed for us to truly unlock our creative and productive potential. So, how do you go about doing this? Let's find out.

Eternity in a Teacup: Mindfulness, the First Step into Serenity

Mindfulness is the primary key to the kingdom of calmness. It's the practice of being in the present moment, fully aware of self and surroundings. To most, this might sound as attainable as catching the wind in a net. Trust me, three years ago, I thought so too. But turns out, it's as simple as just focusing our undivided attention on our current task. In a world where our attention is a sought-after commodity, this can be a challenging task. However, the rewards of this practice, in terms of the quality of outputs and productivity boost, are worth striving for.

With consistent practice, usually in the form of meditation or breathwork exercises, the calmness achieved through mindfulness becomes a steady undercurrent in our lives. We find ourselves less reactive to stressors, our minds less cluttered, our concentration improved, and our productivity leagues better than before. The journey may not be easy, but I can testify it's well worth the effort. I've experienced a significant productivity boost just by being mindful, routinely savoring my cups of tea, and really chewing the cud during brainstorming sessions!

Beyond Mindfulness: Cultivating a Tranquil Ecosystem

Mindfulness is a fantastic start, serving as the foundation to our skyscraper of calmness. But we need more to enrich and maintain our tranquil ecosystem. A key factor here is our physical surroundings. A cluttered, chaotic space can cause residual stress and constantly claw at our peace. Strategic decluttering and conscious organization of our workspaces can work wonders. Combining that with a calming ambience, perhaps with some nature sounds or soft instrumental music, can significantly enhance tranquility.

Naomi and I, for instance, have made it a point to have light, nature-inspired decor in our work rooms. The dull hum of the refrigerator is exchanged for the soft whispers of the Australian bush, that we usually play in the background. We also make it a habit to clear and clean our work desk every evening. So, the next morning, we're greeted with a clean slate, literally and figuratively. The agitation and the crocodile snaps in our mind find no resonance in our environment, thus bolstering inner calm and boosting productivity.

The Secret Sauce: Leisure and Fun>

The final ingredient to infuse calmness into your life is leisure and fun. We often forget the importance of downtime in our quest for productivity. Our minds, like finely oiled machines, perform best with frequent rest and recharging. This is achieved in the form of short breaks, a leisurely hobby, or something as simple as a walk in the park. I can vouch for this with my penchant for impromptu dance sessions with Naomi in between work or my regular surfing escapades at the Gold Coast. Stepping away from my work, quite literally, helps me to approach it later with a fresh perspective, a quiet mind, and a rejuvenated spirit.

A word of caution here though, screen-based leisure activities like binge-watching or social media scrolling act as pseudo-leisure, leaving us more tired and frazzled than before. Opt for off-screen activities instead. Get moving, get creative, or better yet, get outside. You'll be better off for it. The tranquility that follows opens the door to a superior and more effortless productivity.

You don't need to relocate to a secluded monastery in the Himalayas or the untouched wilderness of the Amazon Basin for this. Contrary to popular cliches, calmness and, consequently, enhanced productivity can be cultivated in the hustle-bustle of city life too. Look no further than the buzzing city of Brisbane, where tranquil minds continue to thrive and produce work that's quite the bee's knees!

Landon Kingsley

Landon Kingsley

As a health and wellness expert, I help individuals lead a healthier lifestyle through my innovative wellness programs. My passion is sharing my knowledge on wellness, nutrition, and exercise to educate and inspire change. I also enjoy writing about various health topics to reach a broader audience. Working in the lively city of Brisbane has been very rewarding, especially witnessing the positive impact of health awareness in my local community.

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