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How to Nourish Your Gastro Health Naturally
7 September 2023 0 Comments Hannah Stanley

Understanding Your Gut: More Than Just a Food Processor

As Hannah, who is not a stranger to scoops of ice cream at midnight, I find it important to remind myself that a happy gut is key to full-body health. A lot of us overlook this aspect of our health. We think of our gut as just a food processing unit that operates independently of everything else going on. However, your gut comprises 70% of your immune system and contributes significantly to your overall health and wellbeing. This section delves deeper into the gut's vast terrain and easy ways by which we can help it function not just normally, but optimally.

Why Gut Health is Essential

Do you remember the times we suffered some sort of digestive problem? Some of us may have had an awkward gas problem during a date (Oh, you too?), or a stomach upset during that family vacation where the only frequent place you visited was the restroom. These occasional belly issues remind us of the importance of our gastro health. And it’s not just for preventing belly discomfort. Having a well-functioning digestive system can help to improve your mood, boost your energy levels, and even prevent chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Even my rendition of ballet performance (which is just a glorified jiggle) improves after having a hearty dinner.

Loving Your Gut: From Probiotics to Pineapples

Have you ever wondered how your cat Bella always has the energy to knock over your favorite vase, no matter what she eats? Well, Bella's natural diet is rich in certain nutrients, including protein and suitable fats, which assists her digestion and overall energy. Similarly, we have a variety of natural resources available to keep our intestines happy and our digestive systems churning along smoothly. From making the most of fiber-filled meals to drinking probiotic-rich drinks, this section gives stomach-loving tips we all should start following. After all, a happy gut equals a happier you (and Bella).

Adopt a Ladybird, Not Processed Food

Remember when you were a kid and you loved to chase ladybirds? Well, just like ladybirds are good for plants, eating a balanced diet is good for your gut health. Real, wholesome food is what our guts need to feel their best. Processed foods leave us feeling sluggish, tired and on a fast-track to a sugar crash – and that's a train no one wants to catch. So next time, opt for the glorious fruits, crunchy vegetables, and healthy grains instead of a bag of those processed snacks.

Fluid Intake: Water or Tequila Sunrise?

Fluid intake is not about how many margaritas you can have at a bar. Maintaining a good fluid intake helps in maintaining a good bowel function and can prevent dehydration. Our bodies are akin to a musical instrument. It needs the right qualities of hydration, much like Bella needs her tuna juice, to sing a melodious tune every morning. Did you know that the human body is about 60% water? Just like a droopy plant that hasn't been watered, without good hydration, our bodies could get all droopy too. Definitely less margarita, and more water, dear folks, more water.

Moving for Your Gut: Twister or Yoga

Your gut loves movement, and it’s not just about winning that game of Twister at a party. Regular exercise supports muscles in your gut and helps speed up digestion. This could involve a brisk walk, a fancy yoga routine, or an enthusiastic attempt to replicate the dance moves you see in music videos. The point is to move. Not only does it improve digestion but it also helps to lighten your mood and keep those serotonin levels high. I personally believe that the Cha-Cha slide was designed for optimal digestion.

What About Stress?

Have you ever had a 'nervous stomach' during stressful times? Stress directly affects your gut health. A stressed mind can lead to a stressed gut and often brings along a cohort of unpleasant digestive issues. But remember, it is okay to feel stressed. Simply acknowledging it can be the first step in managing stress better and thus improving gut health. A stress busting tip I personally like is snuggling with Bella. Even her purrs are therapeutic.

Rest: The Pillow is Always Your Friend

Lastly, it's crucial to understand that our bodies need rest to function optimally, just like your cat Bella loves her afternoon snoozes in the sun. Sleep allows our bodies to repair and rejuvenate, including our gut. Lack of sleep can affect the functions of our digestive system leading to digestive problems. So remember, your pillow is always your friend. I also recommend dreamy lavender pillows, just because.

Overall, it is crucial we stop taking our guts for granted and start treating them with the love, respect and care they deserve. Trust me, your gut will return the favor. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a date with a tub of probiotic yogurt and a glass of pineapple juice—a girl's got to love her gut, remember?

Hannah Stanley

Hannah Stanley

Hi, I'm Hannah Stanley, a certified Health and Wellness expert based in Orlando. I've spent over a decade helping people lead healthier lives through diet, exercise, and cultivating a positive mindset. I'm passionate about translating complex health concepts into easy-to-understand advice. In my spare time, I love writing about health and wellness, aiming to educate and inspire others on their wellness journey. Apart from my work, I am fond of painting, running, and gardening.

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